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Update: Dai-chan Awareness Day 2010

Hi! It's been a LONG time since I've updated on Dai-chan Awareness Day, and since the new year has come, I thought now would be a good time to update everyone. And yes, I was dead serious about it. It wasn't a joke. It's an official celebration, because I said so. xD Anyway, the day is coming up in about two and a half months, so I thought preparing now would be good, since last minute preparations would probably turn out badly. If you don't know what Dai-chan Awareness Day is, please read this post.

Okay, so I have a few ideas in mind so far. I honestly don't know where these will end up going, but I'm trying to be flexible:

1. A Dai-chan birthday Twitter project: I know that some people are already working on a Twitter project for every member, but I really think that I should be the one doing the Dai-chan project, since I've been thinking about it since last year, and since I'm the founder of Dai-chan Awareness Day. So, this is a notice that I WILL be doing a Twitter project. We'll all tweet to promote Dai-chan starting at midnight on April 15, 2010; Japan time. And I thought that #penguinprince would be a cute hash tag. But, I'm open to any suggestions you guys have. I'm trying to stay away from things like #ariokadaiki though, since...well, we want it to be a unique and catchy one, right? :D So, for those of you with a Twitter, I hope that you guys will participate in this, and maybe, we can make this a trending topic! You will have to unlock your tweets, but it's only for a day. I really hope for this to be successful, because it'll give us all a sense of accomplishment! :D

2. A Dai-chan/HSJ fan meet-up at the 2010 Kawaii Kon: This only applies to Hawaii residents, or people who will be coming to this year's Kawaii Kon. The Kawaii Kon is an annual anime convention held at the Hawaii Convention Center. (You can get more information on it here.) The convention doesn't really involve the Japanese culture in general, but it's perfect, since it starts on April 16. I know it's a day after Dai-chan's birthday/Dai-chan Awareness Day, but it's close enough, right? This idea is sort of iffy, since I'm not sure if there are many fans here. I've met a few Dai-chan fans at last year's convention, and I'm sure some people in Hawaii know about HSJ. So, if you know anyone in Hawaii who likes HSJ, tell them about this! :D Also, I thought of other things to do after we leave the convention, since staying there all day would get sort of...boring? So, Funpix, a purikura store, is located in the Century Center, which is right by the Convention center. I thought it would be fun to take some purikura! Also, Hakubundo, a Japanese store that carries a lot of JE merchandise, is down the street. They sell magazines, CDs, photobooks, and other JE goods, along with a lot of general Japanese goods. And that would conclude the day. I'm still working on this idea, so if you live in Hawaii, it would be nice if you could tell me. :D

And yes, that is all so far. I know, I'm a failure as the founder of this day. But, I'm trying hard to think of other ideas as well, that will hopefully apply to everyone around the world. Also, I'm probably going to make a masterpost of everyone's Dai-chan Awareness Day, so that we can see what everyone else did. I'm definitely documenting the 2010 Kawaii Kon, because I'm going, and even if I don't organize a fan meet-up, I'm still going to pimp out Dai-chan with banners, uchiwas, and telling people to google his name. xD

So, I'm just here to let everyone know about the upcoming Twitter project, as well as the Kawaii Kon. Also, I would really appreciate any suggestions or feedback! If you have any, feel free to comment on this post, or to PM me. Stay tuned for more updates and ideas! Thank you to everyone for your awesome support! ♥
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